Did you know . . .


Did you know . . .

. . . that our daughter Jennifer’s dog “Bull” was the first Swissy to win a gold medal in international weight pulling?

. . . that Barton Manor was featured on Animal Planet’s Breed All About It - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog?

. . . that Jim & Cheri Barton have five children who all own Swissys?

. . . that Haloti Ngata (defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens) owns a Barton Manor Swissy?

. . . that Jim was president of the GSMDCA, Inc. when the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog gained full recognition into the American Kennel Club?

. . . that we have owners whose swissys are active in both therapy work, and search & rescue?

. . . that Scott McNealy, CEO of Sun Microsystems used the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog in Sun’s Network ad campaign, and owns a Barton Manor Swissy?

. . . that Barton Manor has imported ten Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs from Europe?

. . . that Barton Manor use to be a horse farm?

. . . that we have owned two National Specialty Best in Show Winners?

. . . that CH. Barton Manor’s Brooke was featured in the Broadway production of Flagstaff at the Metropolitan Opera House?

. . . that there are only twelve Legion of Merit Dogs in the country, and Barton Manor owned two of them?

. . . that we currently have seven dogs with OFA excellent hips in our breeding program?



. . . that the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is considered “the ideal family dog”?